Domina concept

Have you ever dreamed about getting unforgettable emotional experience going to 5 star hotel?

Here, in Domina Prestige, we want to bring you as more positive emotions as we can and make you stay in St.Petersburg full of bright impressions. To fill your leisure or business trip with positive emotions, we created our 5 Dimension Lifestyle Concept. It is our way to describe bright design of the hotel, excellent service, our values and the way of life.

Our Five Dimensions are Nature, Family, Fantasy, Adventure and Romantic.

Romantic dimension

Just imagine spring and being fallen in love and you will appear in the Romantic Dimension of Domina Prestige St. Petersburg!

To make you full of happiness, excitement and optimism we created our Romantic emerald green and blue rooms, filled them with your favorite novels and mixed the most surprising cocktails at Bar Nove.

St. Petersburg is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and we are happy to make you stay there full of unforgettable emotions!


Family dimension

What is family for you?

For us it is happiness, fertility and optimism, full of children’s smiles and laugher! Domina Prestige Hotel, St. Petersburg is the lifestyle hotel where you can feel all this things and only positive emotions.

We created the atmosphere where you and your family will enjoy the comfort and feel bright impressions reading books and playing board games, going to special “all ages” city tour or having fun with our Arcobaleno Kid’s menu.

It is our Family Dimension!


Adventure dimension

Looking for new experience and amazing discoveries in St.Petersburg?

Here at Domina Prestige Hotel St. Petersburg we will make your stay full of passion and bright impressions!

Stay with us at one of Adventure rooms and you will get it. Deep red color, adventure novels and movies will make you feel risk and push you to new unexpected decisions.

Try our Italian Fusion cuisine in Arcobaleno, it is absolutely new and unique way to cook & eat Italian!


Fantasy dimension

Open your mind to everything new, unusual and mysterious at Domina Prestige Hotel, St.Petersburg.

To make your stay full of new experience and bright impressions we created our Fantasy Dimension. You will find it in our Fantasy rooms at third floor, in books of Boris Vian and Oscar Wild and design cocktails at Bar Nove.

To reveal your creativity and imagination we invite you to one of our hand-made master classes or to private tour at Yousupov palace and Mikhailovsky Castle – both full of secrets and legends.


Nature Dimension

Feel the peace and comfort staying at Domina Prestige Hotel, St.Petersburg in one of our Nature Dimension rooms.

Be optimistic and friendly, open-minded and make one step closer to the nature. We will help you to immerse yourself in the serenity with our blue & graphite rooms located at 5th floor.

Visit our Fitness & Wellness or join Yoga class, look through nature albums and imagine birds singing right next to you to feel even more emotions.

Добро пожаловать в 5 измерений отеля Domina Prestige St. Petersburg.<br />Приготовьтесь к ярким впечатлениям!<b>Приключение.</b> Приехали в Санкт-Петербург отдохнуть или поработать?<br />Позвольте нам стать частью вашей истории.<b>Фантазия.</b> Мечты сбываются, так пустите фантазию в полет!<b>Семья.</b> В душе мы все – дети.<br />Живите играючи, радуйтесь каждому дню.<b>Романтика.</b> У взрослых свои игры…<br />Играйте по правилам и наслаждайтесь!<b>Природа.</b> Откройте себя миру и мир – в себе.
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